Get connected to azure storage using azure storage explorer to see the local d365 blob content

To get azure account name and key from D365FO, create following runnable class:
using Microsoft.Dynamics.Clx.ServicesWrapper;
class VKGetAzureBlobStorageAccount
    public static void main(Args _args)
        info('CsuStorageConnectionString = ' + CloudInfrastructure::GetCsuStorageConnectionString());
        info('CsuClientCertificateThumbprint = ' + CloudInfrastructure::GetCsuClientCertificateThumbprint());
Get AccountName and AccountKey from the infolog:
CsuStorageConnectionString = AccountName=011af4e4854917d;AccountKey=j7asdrf3uP3IJ9Ym5K0xrVC4yRJLLg+oZApucdCDHz25SyRDB/7+46ioGeM3jG1nhYNR5ZjpIfpehcChNesog==;DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;

To browse result:
- Storage account or service
- Account name and key
- populate Display name, Account name, Account key



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