Getting access to private projects

Recently while moving a model from one environment to the other i encountered an issue with private projects. There were private projects in this model, even though there shouldn't have been any. So the task was to delete those. There are some posts in the internet about how to delete project nodes from code, but this is not that good, because first thing you need to do is investigate what those projects contain and decide whether you want to delete those objects, or keep them, and if you just delete the project node, content will still remain in system which could be bad for you. The solution was pretty simple, though it's not that obvious. Every private project node has prefix with UserId to which this project belongs (UserId_ProjectName). To find the name of the private project you should do next:In development workspace press Tools -> Model management -> Model elements. In this form you can filter by Type, which is PrivateProject Prefix of the parent name is what you should be looking for. Next thing you do is you go to System administration -> Users, look for yourself, click on the record with right button and press Record Info. Here you press Rename and type UserId that you need. After you've done that, you should reopen AX client, and voila, you can access those private projects. After doing operations with those projects, you can change your id back.The only issue, when there is a user with this UserId already in the system. In this case you could change his userId first, and in the end change it back.


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