Status bar customization

Personalizing status bar

To personalize the status bar, navigate to File > Tools > Options > Status Bar. Select checkboxes for the information that you want to appear on your status bar.

Change status bar color

Add following line to init method of form:

Global, all forms. Add same line to \Classes\SysSetupFormRun\init

Solutions to change form color based on company account/environemnt:

Custom Text in Status Bar

Form design property

Change value of StatusBarStyle property on form design.

Determines how to display the status bar on a form. Use this property to hide the status bar, display only help information, display status bar elements based on the WindowType, or to always display the full status bar. Forms with a WindowType of ListPage, ContentPage, or Workspace ignore this property.

When set to Auto it looks at the WindowType to infer the value. Lookups do not have status bar etc.



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