How to select from internal table

There is one way how you can still fetch data from the table, which is marked as internal:

        WHSPrinterName          locPrinterName = '';
        TableId                 tableId         = tableName2Id('WHSWorkUserOverriddenLabelPrinter');
        FieldId                 userIdFId       = fieldName2Id(tableId, 'UserId');
        FieldId                 printerNameFId  = fieldName2Id(tableId, 'PrinterName');
        Query                   q               = new Query();
        QueryBuildDataSource    qbds            = q.addDataSource(tableId);
        QueryBuildRange         qbr             = qbds.addRange(userIdFId);
        QueryRun                qr;
        Common                  workUserOverriddenLabelPrinter;

        qr = new QueryRun(q);
        while (
            workUserOverriddenLabelPrinter = qr.get(tableId);
            locPrinterName = workUserOverriddenLabelPrinter.(printerNameFId);

Alternatively, you can use direct queries.



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