Intercompany order connection

Legal Entity1
Legal Entity2
Legal Entity3

LE1 SO -> LE1 PO -> LE2 SO

LE1 SO -> LE1 PO Link:
salesLine.InventRefType == InventRefType::Purch
salesLine.InventRefTransId == purchLine.InventTransId
salesLine.InventRefId == purchLine.PurchId
LE1 PO -> LE1 SO Link:
purchLine.InventRefTransId == salesLine.InventTransId
purchLine.InventRefId == salesLine.SalesId

salesLine.InterCompanyOrigin == InterCompanyOrigin::Source

LE1 PO -> LE2 SO Link
purchLine.InterCompanyOrigin == InterCompanyOrigin::Derived
purchLine.InterCompanyInventTransId == salesLine.InventTransId
LE2 SO -> LE1 PO Link
salesLine.InterCompanyOrigin == InterCompanyOrigin::Derived
salesLine.InterCompanyInventTransId == PurchLine.InventTransId

LE2 SO -> LE1 SO
SalesTable.InterCompanyOrder == NoYes::Yes
SalesTable.InterCompanyCompanyId == LE2
SalesTable.InterCompanyOriginalSalesId == SalesTable.SalesId

LE2 SO -> LE1 PO
SalesTable.InterCompanyOrder == NoYes::Yes
SalesTable.InterCompanyPurchId == PurchTable.PurchId

Intercompany links in UI
Path: Sales Order details / General / Related information / Related orders
Form: SalesTableReferences
Table: InterCompanyPurchSalesReference

Using the child sales line (LE2 SO), find the parent sales line (LE1 SO)
        SalesLine getSourceSalesLine(SalesLine _salesLine)
            SalesLine sourceSalesLine;
            PurchLine sourcePurchLine;

            select firstonly crosscompany RecId from sourcePurchLine
                where sourcePurchLine.InterCompanyInventTransId == _salesLine.InventTransId
                join sourceSalesLine
                    where sourceSalesLine.DataAreaId == sourcePurchLine.DataAreaId
                       && sourceSalesLine.InventRefType == InventRefType::Purch
                       && sourceSalesLine.InventRefTransId == sourcePurchLine.InventTransId;

            return sourceSalesLine;
Find the root order line if the intercompany chain consists of more orders (LE1 SO -> LE1 PO -> LE2 SO -> LE2 PO -> LE3 SO):
        SalesLine salesLineUpdate = this; // this == SalesLine

        while (salesLineUpdate.InterCompanyInventTransId && salesLineUpdate.InterCompanyOrigin != InterCompanyOrigin::Source)
            salesLineUpdate = getSourceSalesLine(salesLineUpdate);



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