Read/Write CSV file

If unquoted text values are required then CommaTextStreamIo should be replaced with TextStreamIo, which has the same methods.

Read CSV file

        System.IO.MemoryStream  memoryStream = connector.getCurrentMemoryStream();
        CommaTextStreamIo       commaTextStreamIo = CommaTextStreamIo::constructForRead(memoryStream);
        if (commaTextStreamIo)
            if (commaTextStreamIo.status())
                throw error("@CLIDocuments:FileUpload_Failed");

            container       record;

            while (!commaTextStreamIo.status())
                record =;

Write CSV file

        CommaTextStreamIo       commaTextStreamIo = CommaTextStreamIo::constructForWrite();

        commaTextStreamIo.writeExp(['row 1 col 1', 'row 1 col 2']);
        commaTextStreamIo.writeExp(['row 2 col 1', 'row 2 col 2']);

        File::SendFileToUser(commaTextStreamIo.getStream(), 'file name.csv');



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