Wrong packing slip (delivery note) is printed for sales order

There is an error in standard SalesPackingSlipDP class:
    protected SalesPackingSlipHeaderTmp createReportData()

        custPackingSlipVersion  = custPackingSlipVersion::find(this.parmPackingSlipContract().parmRecordId());
        custPackingSlipJour     = custPackingSlipJour::findRecId(custPackingSlipVersion.custPackingSlipJour);
        return this.createSalesPackingSlip();
Regardless of which table record RecId report contract contains CustPackingSlipVersion record is selected. Even though the same class contains the following method:
    protected CustPackingSlipJourRecId retrieveJournalRecId(SalesPackingSlipContract _salesPackingSlipContract)
        RecId                       recId = _salesPackingSlipContract.parmRecordId();
        CustPackingSlipJourRecId    journalRecId;

        if (_salesPackingSlipContract.parmTableId() == tableNum(CustPackingSlipJour))
            journalRecId = recId;
        else if (_salesPackingSlipContract.parmTableId() == tableNum(CustPackingSlipVersion))
            journalRecId = CustPackingSlipVersion::find(recId).CustPackingSlipJour;
        return journalRecId;
Which correctly handles both possible tables.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to resolve the issue with the Chain of Commands as both variables are declared as private:
    private CustPackingSlipVersion      custPackingSlipVersion;
    private CustPackingSlipJour         custPackingSlipJour;
And do not have real parm methods:
    [Hookable(false), Wrappable(false)]
    public CustPackingSlipVersion parmCustPackingSlipVersion()
        return custPackingSlipVersion;

    [Hookable(false), Wrappable(false)]
    public CustPackingSlipJour parmCustPackingSlipJour()
        return custPackingSlipJour;
Usually, RecId of both tables (custPackingSlipVersion, custPackingSlipJour) are equal, and therefore not many real installations are affected:
However, if there are processes, where several version records are possible for a single packing slip journal, then this issue will appear from the places where journals are used to print the packing slip.




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