Skip CIL execution

To skip CIL execution for processes, which use SysOperation framework (SysOperationServiceController)
- set break point to \Classes\SysOperationServiceController\runOperation and track how many parameters do you have to identify which serviceClass.callObject to modify
- identify the type of proxy variable
In my case proxy is of type FormletterService and I have only one parameter, method returns value
- notice value of methodName variable to identify which method to call on the object, in my case it is postSalesOrderPackingSlip
- declare new variable of real proxy type, in my case it is FormletterService
FormletterService   formletterService;

- afteryour serviceClass.callObject write additional code like this one (depending onparameters count, return value and method to call)

                    if (false)
                        formletterService = proxy;
                        operationReturnValue = formletterService.postSalesOrderPackingSlip(o1);

- set break point to serviceClass.callObject

- in debugger move execution cursor inside your if statement


If execution of process if marshaled under specific user usingSysOperationRPCFrameworkService::runServiceOperation

Two solutions for that

1. Set break poin to \Classes\SysOperationServiceController\run

In debugger move execution cursor to one of the this.runOperation(false/*sync*/);

2. Modify \Classes\SysOperationRPCFrameworkService\runServiceOperation tothe following look:

public static container runServiceOperation(ClassId controllerClassId, container packedController)
    // Use the runas API to transition to a CLR session
    new XppILExecutePermission().assert();
    TODO: temp solution to debug issue
    return SysDictClass::invokeStaticMethodIL(classStr(SysOperationServiceController),
                                        staticMethodStr(SysOperationServiceController, runServiceOperation),
                                        [controllerClassId, packedController]);
    return SysOperationServiceController::runServiceOperation([controllerClassId, packedController]);



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