Switch Visual Studio team workspace

How to swith user workspace from UI

Before changing user delete current workspace and mapping:

To change user:

Switch the user:

Configure workspace:

Click Advanced button at the bottom.
Change Permissions to Public workspace
Change working folders

Projects: C:\Users\Admindc8a1c7b8b\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects
Metadata: K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory

How to delete workspace using command line

if before switching user you have not removed workspace working folders and now it does not allow to correctly map you working folders under your new workspace you can try to delete previous workspace from commant line.

Open: "VS2015 x64 x86 Cross Tools Command Prompt" as Administrator
Display all available workspaces:
tf.exe workspaces /computer:ComputerName /owner:* /format:detailed /server:https://ProjectName.visualstudio.com
Delete workspace:
tf.exe workspace /delete "WorkSpaceName;Owner" /server:https://ProjectName.visualstudio.com




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