Uninstall a model from UAT/PROD

To delete the model, which was installed on the UAT/PROD environment via LCS you need:
  1. Create a file that is named ModuleToRemove.txt.
  2. In the file, put the name of each module that you want to remove on a separate line.
  3. Create a valid deployable package, and put the ModuleToRemove.txt file in the package\AOSService\Scripts folder.
  4. Install the deployable package.
You do not need to delete all the components from a model and will create a deployable package out of it, you need only to put a file with the model name for deleting. Keep in mind that your model should not have models dependent on it, as this could lead to system errors.

Source -> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/dev-itpro/deployment/uninstall-deployable-package#uninstall-a-package-1




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