Multi-select parameters in dialogs

Example of RunBaseBatch based job with multi-select parameter (wharehouses)
class MultiSelectRunBaseBatch extends RunBaseBatch
    container                   warehouses;
    SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl    warehouseMultiSelect;
    FormBuildStringControl      warehouseCtrl;
    DialogField                 warehousesField;


protected Object dialog()
    DialogRunbase       dialog;
    DialogGroup         dialogGroup;
    FormBuildControl    formBuildControl;

    dialog = super();


    dialogGroup         = dialog.addGroup();
    formBuildControl    = dialog.formBuildDesign().control(dialogGroup.formBuildGroup().id());
    warehouseCtrl       = formBuildControl.addControl(FormControlType::String, identifierstr(InventLocationId));

    return dialog;

public void dialogPostRun(DialogRunbase dialog)
    FormRun                 formRun;
    FormStringControl       fsCtrlWarehouse;
    Query                   q;
    QueryBuildDataSource    qbds;

    q       = new Query();
    qbds    = q.addDataSource(tablenum(InventLocation));

    qbds.addSelectionField(fieldNum(InventLocation, InventLocationId));
    qbds.addSelectionField(fieldNum(InventLocation, Name));


    formRun = dialog.dialogForm().formRun();

    if (formRun)
        fsCtrlWarehouse =;
        warehouseMultiSelect = SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl::constructWithQuery(formRun, fsCtrlWarehouse, q);
        warehouseMultiSelect.set([this.warehouseIdsToRecIds(warehouses), warehouses]);

public boolean getFromDialog()

    boolean ret;

    ret             = super();
    warehouses      = this.warehouseRecIdsToIDs(warehouseMultiSelect.get());

    return ret;

public container pack()
    return [#CurrentVersion, #CurrentList];

public void run()

public boolean unpack(container packedClass)
    Version version = RunBase::getVersion(packedClass);

    switch (version)
        case #CurrentVersion:
            [version, #CurrentList] =  packedClass;

            return false;

    return true;

public static MultiSelectRunBaseBatch construct()
    return new MultiSelectRunBaseBatch();

client server static ClassDescription description()
    return "Multi-select run base batch";

public static void main(Args _args)
    MultiSelectRunBaseBatch batch = MultiSelectRunBaseBatch::construct();

    if (batch.prompt())

public container warehouseIdsToRecIds(container _warehouseIds)
    InventLocation      inventLocation;
    InventLocationId    inventLocationId;
    container           warehouseRecIds;
    int                 i;

    warehouseRecIds = conNull();

    for (i = 1; i <= conLen(_warehouseIds); i++)
        inventLocationId = conPeek(_warehouseIds, i);

        select firstOnly RecId from inventLocation
        where inventLocation.InventLocationId == inventLocationId;

        warehouseRecIds += [inventLocation.RecId];

    return warehouseRecIds;

public container warehouseRecIdsToIDs(container _warehouseRecIds)
    InventLocation  inventLocation;
    RecId           inventLocationRecId;
    container       warehouseIds;
    int             i;

    warehouseIds = conNull();

    for (i = 1; i <= conLen(_warehouseRecIds); i++)
        inventLocationRecId = conPeek(_warehouseRecIds, i);
        select firstOnly InventLocationId from inventLocation
        where inventLocation.RecId == inventLocationRecId;

        warehouseIds += [inventLocation.InventLocationId];

    return warehouseIds;



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