How to check in DLLs to TFS and go through build server

- –°opy all required DLLs and supplementary files to J:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\ _ModelName_\bin folder
- Go to Source Control Explorer->Your branch .... ->Metadata-> _ModelName_
- Right click and select Add Items to Folder 
- Find in the dialog _ModelName_\bin folder and select all added on first step files and make sure that Destination source control folder is .../Metadata/ _ModelName_/bin/...
- Add DLL References to a project from J:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\ _ModelName_\bin directory
- Add DLL References from project to TFS (Right click on item under References node in project and click Add files to Source Control)
- Compile and make sure no compilation errors
- Check in changes though TFS build server



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