How to harmlessly extend retail channel profile properties

If you need to add additional property keys for channel profile you will find that all used enums are not extensible.
There is a way how you can implement it without overlaying:
class VKORetailChannelProfileExtension
    /// <summary>
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="args"></param>
    [PostHandlerFor(formStr(RetailChannelProfile), formMethodStr(RetailChannelProfile, updatePropertyKeyControl))]
    public static void RetailChannelProfile_Post_updatePropertyKeyControl(XppPrePostArgs args)
        FormRun             formRun  = Args.getThis();
        FormComboBoxControl comboBox;

        comboBox =;

        if (comboBox)
            switch (comboBox.enumType())
                case enumNum(RetailServerProfilePropertyKey):
You will need to duplicate standard enum, in my case it is RetailServerProfilePropertyKey and add there your new elements. Do not forget to leave a gap between standard values.



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