Simple custom service implementation example d365

Here is a simple calc custom service implementation for Dynamics 365 FO / F&SCM
Main contract:
class VKOCalcContract
    int                 arg1;
    int                 arg2;
    int                 operation;
    VKOCalcSubContract	subCalc;
    List                subList;

    public int parmArg1(int _arg1 = arg1)
        arg1 = _arg1;
        return arg1;

    public int parmArg2(int _arg2 = arg2)
        arg2 = _arg2;
        return arg2;

    public int parmOperation(int _operation = operation)
        operation = _operation;
        return operation;

    //This parm is just for demonstration on how you can use nested contracts and lists
        AifCollectionTypeAttribute("_list", Types::Class, classStr(VKOCalcSubContract)),
        AifCollectionTypeAttribute("return", Types::Class, classStr(VKOCalcSubContract))]
    public List parmSubList(List _subList = subList)
        subList = _subList;
        return subList;

    //This parm is just for demonstration on how you can use nested contracts and lists
    public VKOCalcSubContract parmSubCalc(VKOCalcSubContract _subCalc = subCalc)
        subCalc = _subCalc;
        return subCalc;
Sub contract. It is not used by the service, only to show the possibilities:
class VKOCalcSubContract
    int a;

    public int parmA(int _a = a)
        a = _a;
        return a;
Response contract:
class VKOCalcResponseContract
    real result;

    public real parmResult(real _result = result)
        result = _result;
        return result;
class VKOCalcService
    public VKOCalcResponseContract calc(VKOCalcContract _calcContract)
        VKOCalcResponseContract response    = new VKOCalcResponseContract();
        real                    result;
        int                     a1          = _calcContract.parmArg1(),
                                a2          = _calcContract.parmArg2();

        switch (_calcContract.parmOperation())
            case 0:
                result = a1 + a2;
            case 1:
                result = a1 - a2;
            case 2:
                result = a1 * a2;
            case 3:
                result = a1 / a2;

        return response;

Additionally, you will need to
- create service (VKOCalcService) pointing to the service class with service operation pointing to the calc method of service class.
- create service group (VKOServiceGroup) holding created service

How to test custom services using RAW http.

Example of JSON request:
         "arg1": 2,
         "arg2": 2,
         "operation": 0,
         "list": [{
             "a": 0,
             "a": 1,
         "subCalc": {
             "a": 5
Example of answer:


WSDL URL: https://Host/soap/services/VKOServiceGroup?wsdl
Requests should be sent to the service group URL (POST): https://Host/soap/services/VKOServiceGroup
GET request will give information about the service group.

Example of request:
Content-Type: text/xml
Authorization: Bearer AccessToken
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:dat="" xmlns:tem="" xmlns:dyn="">
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
        <Infolog xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
        <CalcResponse xmlns="">
            <result xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">



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