oData query possibilities

[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers                                   List all the customers.
[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers?$top=3                            List the first three records.
[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers?$skip=3                           Skip the first three records.
[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers?$select=FirstName,LastName        List all the customers, but show only the first name and last name properties.
[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers?$format=json                      List all the customers in a JSON format that can be used to interact with JavaScript clients.
[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers?$filter=CustomerAccount eq 'key'
[Your Organization Root URL]/data/Customers?$filter=ItemModifiedDateTime gt 2017-03-07T03:29:28Z
To fetch rows cross company:

URL encoded
Operator Description Example
Logical Operators
Eq Equal /Suppliers?$filter=Address/City eq 'Redmond'
Ne Not equal /Suppliers?$filter=Address/City ne 'London'
Gt Greater than /Products?$filter=Price gt 20
Ge Greater than or equal /Products?$filter=Price ge 10
Lt Less than /Products?$filter=Price lt 20
Le Less than or equal /Products?$filter=Price le 100
And Logical and /Products?$filter=Price le 200 and Price gt 3.5
Or Logical or /Products?$filter=Price le 3.5 or Price gt 200
Not Logical negation /Products?$filter=not endswith(Description,'milk')
Arithmetic Operators
Add Addition /Products?$filter=Price add 5 gt 10
Sub Subtraction /Products?$filter=Price sub 5 gt 10
Mul Multiplication /Products?$filter=Price mul 2 gt 2000
Div Division /Products?$filter=Price div 2 gt 4
Mod Modulo /Products?$filter=Price mod 2 eq 0
Grouping Operators
( ) Precedence grouping /Products?$filter=(Price sub 5) gt 10
Filter possibilities




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