Reread parent form datasources

    FormDataSource      formDataSource;
    FormRun             callingForm;
    int                 dataSourceNo;
    Common              callingRecord;


    if (element.args().record().isFormDataSource())
        callingRecord = element.args().record().data();

        callingForm = element.args().caller();

        // Reread the data sources instead of refreshing the whole query
        // as we only need to update the current record and calling research() has a huge perf impact in this case.
        // A call to active() is needed to trigger the button state update logic.
        for (dataSourceNo = 1; dataSourceNo <= callingForm.dataSourceCount(); dataSourceNo++)
            formDataSource = callingForm.dataSource(dataSourceNo);

            if (    formDataSource.table() == tableNum(EcoResStorageDimensionGroupItem)
                ||  formDataSource.table() == tableNum(EcoResTrackingDimensionGroupItem)
                ||  formDataSource.table() == tableNum(InventTable))



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