Cannot create a record in Address format lines (LogisticsAddressFormatLines). Address format: 0005, State or province.

By Vitaliy Glushchenko:

Job to fix the issue:
//Cannot create a record in Address format lines
static void fixCannotCreateRecordInLogisticAddrFmt(Args _args)
    LogisticsAddressFormatLines logisticsAddressFormatLines;
    LogisticsAddressFormatId    logisticsAddressFormatId = '0005'; //defaul value. This id more ofter meet
    Dialog                      dialog = new Dialog('We will delete lines from LogisticsAddressFormatLines for selected format. Are you sure?');
    DialogField                 dlgLogisticsAddressFormatId;

    dlgLogisticsAddressFormatId = dialog.addFieldValue(extendedTypeStr(LogisticsAddressFormatId), logisticsAddressFormatId);
    if (
        logisticsAddressFormatId = dlgLogisticsAddressFormatId.value();
        if (LogisticsAddressFormatHeading::exist(logisticsAddressFormatId))
            delete_from logisticsAddressFormatLines
                where logisticsAddressFormatLines.AddrFormat == logisticsAddressFormatId
            info(strFmt('Data for %1 was update, pleae run sync again', logisticsAddressFormatId));
            warning(strFmt('Value %1 not found in Address format', logisticsAddressFormatId));

Run This job and selectaddressFormatId from error above.

Rerun synchronization.



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