Out of the box table extension framework can not get child table from form if it is delayed joined.
SysExtensionSerializerFormRunHelper is a class helper which should resolve this issue.
It's implementation on form is quite easy:
1. Add declaration to classDeclaration:
SysExtensionSerializerFormRunHelper formRunHelper;
2. Additional method at element level:
public SysExtensionSerializerFormRunHelper formRunHelper()
    if (!formRunHelper)
        formRunHelper = SysExtensionSerializerFormRunHelper::construct();

    return formRunHelper;
3. Modify init method of child DataSource and add following line after super():
element.formRunHelper().addExtensionTablePair(ParentTable, ChildTableExtension);
That's all, good to go!
Example can be found at MCROrderDetail form.



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