Pre/Post event handlers

For table methods all event handlers should be placed in TableName EventHandler class


public static void K3PostDefaultWMSLocation(XppPrePostArgs _args)
    InventTransferLine InventTransferLine   = _args.getThis();
    InventDim          inventDim            = _args.getArg('_inventDim');
    InventLocationId   inventLocationId     = inventDim.InventLocationId;
    InventLocation     inventLocation;

    if (inventLocationId != _args.getArg('_inventLocationId'))
        inventLocationId = _args.getArg('_inventLocationId');

    if (InventTransferLine.K3POSUpdated && inventLocationId)
        inventLocation = InventLocation::find(inventLocationId);
        if (NoYes::Yes == inventLocation.WHSEnabled && inventLocation.RBODefaultWMSLocationId)
            _args.setReturnValue(WMSLocation::find(inventLocation.RBODefaultWMSLocationId, inventDim.InventLocationId));



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