Moving a project to another model

If you have:
  • more than one model in your layer
  • the elements in project can belong to more that one model in the same layer
Then do not move the project directly. Moving a project to another Model will also move all elements that project contains.
Method 1:
Create a new Project in the desired Model and then Drag the elements from the original project into this new one.
Method 2:

Please be aware that client in most cases will not show actual model on a project just after successful run. In that case AOS restart is required.

static void UpdateProjectModel(Args _args)
    // Project to move
    TreeNode            treeNode = TreeNode::findNode(@"\Projects\Private\PendingObjects");
    str                 g;
    SysModelElement     sysModelElement;
    SysModelElementData sysModelElementData;
    UtilElementType     projectType = UtilElementType::PrivateProject; // Project type, shared/private
    ModelRecId          modelIdFrom = 1662,    // ModelId source
                        modelIdTo   = 11,    // ModelId target
    if (!SysModelStore::modelId2Name(modelIdFrom))
        throw error('Incorrect source model id');
    if (!SysModelStore::modelId2Name(modelIdTo))
        throw error('Incorrect target model id');
    g = treeNode.AOTgetProperty('Origin');
    if ('{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}' != g)
        select sysModelElement
            where sysModelElement.Origin        == treeNode.AOTgetProperty('Origin')
                &&sysModelElement.ElementType   == projectType;
        if (sysModelElement.RecId)
            select forUpdate sysModelElementData
                where sysModelElementData.ModelElement  == sysModelElement.RecId
                    &&sysModelElementData.ModelId       == modelIdFrom;
            if (sysModelElementData.RecId && modelIdTo)
                sysModelElementData.ModelId = modelIdTo;
                info(strFmt("Moved from %1 to %2", SysModelStore::modelId2Name(modelIdFrom), SysModelStore::modelId2Name(modelIdTo)));



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