RF Interface. Objects.

Warehouse management -> Setup -> Mobile device

Macros contains names of controls
Processes all controls. You have to add each new control processing here to make it appear in pass variable.
RF menu processing/creation
Extend this class to create new RF functionality
Base enums that describes mobile activities that available in the system. Element names have to be same on both base enums for 1 activity. Based on which you are able to create mobile device menus.
\Data Dictionary\Base Enums\WHSWorkActivity
\Data Dictionary\Base Enums\WHSWorkExecuteMode
add you class initialization to this fabric
Information related to RF user session. If during development, you block yourself in RF UI of state machine you can delete your session in that table and after login, you will start from main menu.
\Data Dictionary\Tables\WHSWorkUserSession

Form that emulates RF interface. Convenient way to test new activities in development environment.





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