Create SalesLine from X++ code

static void createSalesLine(Args _args)
    SalesTable  salesTable  = SalesTable::find('012500');
    ItemId      itemId      = 'G0001';
    InventDimId inventDimId = '000051';
    SalesLine   salesLine;

    // performs relevant checks. Can we create line?
    // If sales order invoiced and sales ledger parameters Safety level of invoiced order parameter is set to Locked then we can not
    if (salesTable.checkUpdate(true))
        salesLine.SalesId       = salesTable.SalesId;
        salesLine.ItemId        = itemId;
        salesLine.InventDimId   = inventDimId;
        salesLine.SalesQty      = 2;
        salesLine.createLine(true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, '', false, true, true);



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